I am looking out the window at a 120 pound box leaning against the back of my car. I don't understand how the delivery guy couldn't take the time to walk onto my porch and ring my doorbell to ask for help.

I would have gone outside and moved my car and helped him carry the package to the porch. Now I have no idea how I'm going to get this package into the house... or get my car out of my driveway.

I would be satisfied if I had the option to at least go someplace if I wanted to. Thank you very much, FedEx.

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Same think just happen to me with FedEx. The lazy delivery guy made me carry the box from the street up the stairs to my house.

The door tag numberwas:DT 7519 4395 4296


maybe you should have thought of that before you ordered a 120lb item. fedex is a delivery company, not a moving company.

they get it to your property then its up to you to get it inside. take some responsibility.

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