Calhan, Colorado

This is the second time I have had my package labeled as 'incorrect address - street/name.' THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ADDRESS. The driver is just too ***/lazy to take his thumb out of his butt and look up at the street signs.

He passes by my house every day he is out.

Why even bother paying for expedited shipping if they aren't going to deliver it?

The best I could get out of them was that they would "TRY" to deliver it tomorrow. They won't even try a second delivery today even though there is still time.

You can be sure I won't be using those lazy shmucks ever again. I'll pay more for a different company to ship my package since they will actually deliver it on time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I sat in my living room all morning waiting for my $900 worth of car parts to be delivered by fedex. After waiting so long I went into the kitchen- some 28 feet from the front door and in direct view of the large glass window in the door.

A few minutes later I heard the screen door opening (I'm very in tuned to the sound). It wasn't the fed ex guy, it was my wife and in her hand is a fedex door tag.

The driver had apparently came to the front door but did not ring or knock. The manager of the fedex facility literally said "Maybe you went to the bathroom while he was at the door"


I am a driver for fedex, I hear your problems so listen to the other side. fedex works its drivers 14 to 16 continuous hours with no breaks, if they make a mistake like leaving a package at the wrong adress it could cost the driver up to 1400 dollars.

If they get one, count, one ticket that could cost them up to 7000 dollars. the pressure fedex puts on their slaves is unbelvable. We are not lazy, we are overworked, and just treated like ***.

problem is most drivers are indebted to fedex so the company pretty much own them and they treat them like slaves. it is not the drivers who you should be made at, FRED SMITH is.


Fed Ex express was supposed to deliver my package yesterday and never came. It was on the truck at9am and then brought back to the facility at 2:30pm.

When I called, they told me due to the delay in weather conditions, the driver couldnt make it. I told them there are no weather conditions, and the road leading up to our office is clear.

I have called 6 times, and no one is able to tell me where the driver is or how many stops he has until he will get to me location. All they can tell me is he is coming.....RUDE!


u cry baby

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