This is the second day that this has happened, the first day the package was just tossed from the street onto the front porch left in clear site and of course someone came an took it one minute later. The second time was today(because I had to reorder it) same thing driver decided to toss the package again left in clear sight someone is seen taking it 2 mins later.

Keep in mind the instructions on the package state " Signature need due to the contents of the package" I even left instructions signature needed for package or take to the closet pick up center. Pick up center is across the street at Walgreens and a second one around the corner at the damn fedex location. I leave for the country for 4 weeks and this was medicine that was needed for that timeframe, now I leave in 2 days with no meds and they can't ship it to the country I'm traveling to.

Fedex only gave me this response " were sorry but what would you like for us to do".. I can't even

User's recommendation: don't use fedex for anything.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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