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It hasn't been EVEN A SINGLE time when Fedex delivers my parcel at the first time. I stayed in front of door all day today to catch them when they get to my place; they haven't even shown up and they updated the website that "delivery attempted".

The only time I got my parcel in front of my house was when I called and yelled at them otherwise I had to drive 15 miles to get to their *** center. They even was not here to put a note in the door or in the main office. I am so sorry that we have to give our money to this company.

People why you are not using UPS, they are fast, friendly, and care for their costumers.

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Same *** happen to me. THey are a bunch of lazy *** *** liars.

Have no clue why the *** they are still in business.

I've had better experience with UPS and they UPS people are friendlier. The fedex drivers all have attitude and are crooks.

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