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The Fedex driver never knocks on the door nor rings the doorbell when he delivers a package in my neighborhood, even though the doorbell is right there where he drops the package. Sometimes he just throws and slides the packages up to the door.

I have him on video doing so. We just want to know when the package is there so we can grab it. The email or text notification advising of the completed delivery comes WELL AFTER the package is dropped off. Certainly the delay allows for theft of package to occur.

I have a standard request for ALL deliveries to be left on my patio. That was done ONCE by a temporary driver. I thanked him PROFUSELY. Once the package is tossed on the patio it cannot be seen by the public.

Fedex has a *** service. They don't allow any of my packages to be held for pickup either.

User's recommendation: Do not have any expectation of drivers to knock or ring the door bell when delivering a package. Sign up on the Fedex website so that you can at least know a package is coming to you. Especially if it's something being sent to you that you are unaware of.

Preferred solution: Ring the doorbell when delivering a package. No need to wait for the occupant..

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