The local FedEx driver for Cook County Georgia constantly leaves packages in my yard, never knocking nor ringing the bell, not even a simple tap of the horn.

I've had high dollar items delivered and just placed within ten feet of my residence. The driver had no idea whether anyone was home or not because he didnt take time to make contact.

On top of this, he drives around to the side of my house and backs onto the grass to turn around!

Why? His options could have been to use my drive or to continue on as I live on a half circle road that leads back to the same road he came from.

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Brock, if something gets stolen, then you get a refund, plain and simple.

And EVERY carrier leaves things without a signature. Post office, fedex, ups, dhl etc.


FedEx left a package at my front door today, so naturally it gets stolen. I don't know why businesses would ever use FedEx for their service considering how careless they are. I know I'll never send anything via FedEx, that's for *** sure.


I've had the same problem with them. They would put the items right in front of the house but they'd rarely ring the door bell.

Once I had an electronic device delivered and I didn't even realize it came until I went outside the next day. And it had rained! Luckily the package was under an overhang, so it didn't get very wet. But still.

Fed Ex and UPS are supposed to be reputable aren't they? Well they have many slackers working there.

They need to get their acts together. When did ringing a doorbell become such an ordeal?

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