The tracking on my FedEx package states that it was "left at front door."

The problem is that nobody can get anywhere near my front door. The front door is at the top of a ten foot concrete staircase that is cracking and flanked by handrails that are rusted and, in many places, not attached to anything.

We're renovating the rest of the house, so as a temporary measure until we are ready to completely replace the front entrance, I've landscaped around the bottom of the steps, placed potted plants on the steps, and put a chain across the bottom. Hanging from the chain is a sign, painted in red, that says "please use side door" with an arrow. The side door is just around the corner a very short distance away.

I've looked in every conceivable place for this fifteen pound package. I can absolutely attest that it is not on my property. I even asked my next door neighbors just a couple of hours after it was reportedly delivered if they had seen it. One of my neighbors is an older woman who notices EVERYTHING. We basically share a driveway. She never saw a delivery truck.

So whose front door is this thing at? I'd love to know because with the hefty delivery fee that I've been charged, plus the cost of the actual merchandise, I'd appreciate if it actually make its way to mine.

The shipper is working with FedEx now and I'm just waiting for those two parties to finish bickering about it. If they have to resend the order, I hope they do it with UPS.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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I called FedEx directly today, four days after the package was reportedly delivered, to put a trace on it. As I was hanging up the phone, FedEx Home pulled into my driveway with the package.

There was a note written on the box that it had been delivered to the wrong address. Womp womp. At least the rep was super nice, though when I called to cancel the trace, the second rep kept saying "so you found the package, right?" Um. I found it in the hands of the delivery driver after he picked it up from the wrong address...?

:P I guess that if they can note it in their system like it was a customer mistake, they don't have to do any follow-up. That's just a guess though.


When I was working with Office Depot, this wrong address delivery used to occur frequently with UPS, FedEX was good then. I am talking about late 2007, early 2008

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