So I had an order worth about $90 coming and got the e-mail notification telling me it had "Left at Front Door" at 4:50pm and that no signature service was required. Strange I thought, since I had been here at the time and the house was perfectly quiet yet I heard no knock. I went and looked all around outside the front door and by the side door and couldn't find it.

I called FedEx and they said they would open a file and have someone ask the courier what happened. A little while later I was on my way out and found it at the side of the road, plainly visible to the public but not from my house, in the pouring rain, in the grass by my ditch.

I've got a ~75ft driveway and my house is visible from the road. It's a little narrow and crosses over a deep ditch that runs next to the road. Although it's much wider than a typical traffic lane, many people are reluctant to drive in so my guess is he didn't want a van in the ditch and didn't want to walk down somewhat of a long driveway in the bad weather so he pulled up, opened his door and dropped it then said he left it at my front door.

It was closer to the houses across the street than to me. It was clearly visible to anyone coming down either of the two streets upon which my house is located at the intersection of and it wasn't visible from my house or anywhere near my door.

Half-assed is an understatement when lazyness has this much of an affect on their service. If they don't have the decency to actually come and knock on my door the least I would expect from them is an honest note left in the tracking system and not a blatant lie to leave me confused and without my package (until I find it by chance when I'm not looking, long after I get soaked looking around the perimeter of my house)

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