On Monday I was sent a letter containing a substantial amount of money by check. It was sent and paid as a Next Day delivery.

It arrived late in the day on Tuesday and they initially said it would be delivered early on Wednesday early, which was OK. (Shouldnt it have been delivered on Tuesday)? Then I was told on the phone it would be delivered before noon on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday I did a track and found it had been returned to the shipper.

Im one listing it said I had refused Delivery. I was never given the opportunity to accept or refuse delivery. They just failed to deliver it to me. They made no serious attempt to deliver it to me.

I never refused delivery of this item. FedEx is no longer the tightest ship in the shipping industry. They appear to me to be a Leaky Barge on a waste reservoir.

I have lost a client in addition to a large amount of money. And had FedEx employees tell me it is none of my business where my shipment is and why it is there instead of in my hands.

User's recommendation: Think twice before trusting your valuable materials to these ninnies.

Location: Pflugerville, Texas

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