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I live in a gated apartment complex with 3 staff in front office all the time. FedEx left note on my door saying they left package at office and did not.

Called about door tag for tracking but they treated me like I made up the number. Second day fedEx left note said package needed signature and couldn't be delivered. I phoned door tag number in and they said no signature needed and they didn't understand why the driver didn't leave package at front office either. Now day 5 of guaranteed 1-2 dat shipping and still no package because they don't work weekends.

Absolute morons. I will NEVER use FedEx again and cancelled my order from vendor and will not use them again because they contract shipping only with FedEx

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Same problem in UK. Wating for them to collect from me.

Thursday no collection driver says tried to call but no reply.

Phone says no missed calls and no messages

Friday no collection driver says attempted delivery no answer so left a card. Strange as I had not been out all day because of the due collection and he would have had to contact me to let him into building to get to my door to leave card.

Weekend no collections

Monday phoned FedEx a.m. told collection this afternoon before 5.00 p.m.

6.p.m. no driver no phone calls so rang depot who rang driver 5 minutes away will be with you soon.6.30 guess what - yup - no driver no calls.

Why do we bother

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