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I don't usually take the time to write a complaint about a business but since I've now had so many issues with FedEx in such a short time period, I felt the need to do so. First, I have been dealing with some very serious medical issues - so, I decided to order from a couple services which send you the ingredients so you can cook a meal at home.

I was home all day (as I have been for a couple months due to health issues) - no one rang the door to try to deliver the package. I am certain that I did not miss hearing the driver because I have a yorkie poo and a morkie - and anyone who has a 5-6 lb terrier mix knows that they are very good at letting you know when someone is at your door (and my morkie puppy is going through her scared stage right now so she barks if the wind chimes make noise on the patio!). When I checked online at around 4 p.m., the tracking info showed that the package had been delivered and signed for by a name I did not recognize. I called FedEx immediately and was told that package was delivered to me.

I explained that it had not been and that no one with the name shown in the tracking info lived at this address. The rep told me that it had been delivered to one of my neighbors. I explained that I was currently staying with my boyfriend due to a recent surgery and that there were many apartments in his building. I was then told that I needed to go to each apartment door in the building to see if someone had my package.

I told him that was an unreasonable request considering that I was recovering from major surgery. He offered no other solution so I hung up and called back to reach a different representative. The second rep was apologetic and agreed that it was ridiculous for me to be expected to find my package by going door to door. She told me that she would have some research done and have someone call me back.

When I received a call back 2 days later, I was told that the package had been delivered to an apartment in a different building. When my boyfriend went to that apartment, the box was out in the hallway - apparently, no one currently lived at that address. Needless to say, the food was spoiled ($89.99 worth of food) because it had been packed with enough ice to last up to 4 days of transit (if it had been delivered to us, it would have been the 3rd day). The next week, we received our packages - no one rang or knocked to let me know it had arrived.

The following week, we received one package but did not receive the second one (we were using two meal services for variety) even though FedEx showed both boxes as being delivered. I called FedEx who told me that they had no additional information but would contact the driver. Our meals were scheduled for Friday delivery. FedEx did not contact me until Monday - and told me that they had delivered the second box to the apartment manager's office.

Of course, this box was also spoiled (the apartment manager is not responsible to let people know when something is delivered there - and the box was not marked "perishable"). When I asked why it wasn't delivered to the apartment, I was told that the driver has the discretion on whether to leave it at the door (and whether to knock or not). Interestingly, the FedEx site had a door tag number listed - but the delivery person did not leave a door tag to tell me where the package was. The next week, neither box was delivered to the apartment door.

Again, a door tag number was listed but no door tag was left. I contacted the apartment manager's office and the boxes were there. The problem was that I was in the hospital - and my boyfriend doesn't get back from work until after 6 p.m. - and the office closes at 6.

The food wasn't spoiled because he was able to pick it up the next morning. The irritating thing was that when I called to complain a few days later, they told me that the driver said that he was prohibited from leaving them at the apartment door by the manager (he claimed that he wasn't able to get into building because of the security door - claiming the manager changed code). The driver's excuse didn't make any sense considering that we regularly received packages from other shippers and ones from FedEx - but I double checked with the manager's office anyway. They told me that they had already called FedEx to complain about all the packages the drivers were dropping off at the office instead of delivering to the residents.

The manager was told that it was the driver's prerogative as to whether it was "safe" to leave the packages at the apartment doors. Manager said that it was funny that driver was acting like it wasn't safe when there is a security door and these are nice apartments in a nice area - without having reported issues of missing packages (other than when the driver didn't notify people about where he left their packages!!). Last FedEx issue happened today - package was received at facility which is about 10 minutes away at 7 a.m. this morning.

. . And then at 2 p.m. it was at a different FedEx facility in a completely different state!

The rep couldn't explain that to me when I called for clarification. . . Anyway - sorry for the long rant.

I've just absolutely had it with them!! I apologize for any typos - i typed this quickly on my phone so I'm sure that I've made some mistakes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Fedex works some of the time.

I didn't like: I do not appreciate the lies told by driver.

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