I broke my leg in three places Wednesday and am scheduled for surgery next week. I ordered a wheelchair with a guaranteed delivery date by today.

Because I'm alone most of the time this was really important to have so that I can get around. Taking serious pain meds and trying to move around on stilts - er, I mean, crutches - is quite a feat! This morning the tracking showed it was on the truck and out for delivery. Thank God!

I sat in my room with my blinds open so that I could see my driveway and waited all day long. My dog was right beside me and she barks every time a vehicle pulls into my driveway. When it still hadn't arrived by 6:00, I checked the tracking again and it said delivery had been attempted but nobody was at home or business was closed. That was absolutely a lie as I was here waiting and watching all day long (after all, I'm injured and laid up with no way to go anywhere), and my dog had never barked indicating anyone was anywhere close by.

I contacted their customer service department, but that is useless. The only information they could provide was the same thing I could see on the tracking information. The representative did say there should be a delivery attempt slip on my door. I got on stilts/crutches and made my way through my house to the door, but there was no slip anywhere.

That's because nobody was ever here! I suppose because it's a Saturday, the driver had more important plans for the evening and needed to hurry and get off work. Now I'm stuck, unable to get around, and the next "attempt" won't be until Tuesday, three days from now.

When I asked the customer service rep if there was anyway someone could pick it up for me, they said that facility was closed and wouldn't reopen until Tuesday. This is horrible service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Vehicle Driver.

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