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I noticed that my tracking showed that the delivery was attempted but I was not available or the business was closed. This is not possible because my business was open when they apparently attempted the deliver.

Then I called customer service and they guaranteed that re attempt will be made by 5pm the same day.

5pm came, the package was not delivered.

When I called them back they said that they we re attempt it tomorrow.

Basically they are bunch of liars, from the driver to customer service reps! Horrible!!! I will never use fedex again! arghhh h h h

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Sacramento, California, United States #807369

I do service calls at multiple businesses. We call it drive byes when Fed Ex says delivery exception when in fact the business is open. As the years go by, it happens more and more.

New York, New York, United States #734776

I took off work to wait for a valuable item that was supposed to be delivered by 3:00pm today. I checked the door every hour, every time a truck went by I looked out the window.

I checked the tracking web page and it says they attempted delivery at 12:52!! How can they lie like that? It is just the company culture to blame the customer first and see if it sticks? I'm really sick of the blame the customer attitude.

The USPS does that too, claiming that they attempted to deliver something and then making you come to the post office. Now *** Edison is saying that we aren't home for the meter reading and making us call in our own meter reading.

We are working for *** Edison for free. I'm so sick of this corporate model of blaming the consumer.


judging by the ignorance in this message I doubt you are highly educated you are tossing blame on an entire business knowingly its individuals who were involved maybe you should focus your energy in solving the problem IE getting the driver that clearly lied fired instead of tossing blame on an entire company dumb ***

to I use fedex #734376

A fault created by a single employee may it be the driver or a any staff will reflect the business reputation. To get people to trust the service, hey have to deliver excelllent service! No question about that.

Dont take the review personally, youre making yourself less educated than the person who originally posted theessage.

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