I got a overnight delivery (as expensive as the toys themselves) . All day today it shows it was due delivery around 8 pm. Tomorrow is Christmas day and I am expecting some items for my little boy. All day showed it was in delivery (NOT at the location) and then around 7 pm I reload the info page to show delivery status is N/A, then I called to find out the package is at the location..

I guess the driver decided to stop working sooner, or just didn´t give a ...you know what...or whatever reason.

So sad, really so sad..packages that are market overnight before Christmas it is REALLY for a reason...oh Wowow...

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Dyer, Indiana, United States #764139

We don't decide when to stop. As drivers we are regulated by dept of transportation rules. As for not giving a ***, apparently you don't either for your kid if you waited till the last minute to be an online Santa


I am a driver, and people like all of you ruin my holiday. How bout not waiting till the last minute to order stuff.

Christmas falls on the same day every year.

I've done 400 deliveries on 2 days because of procrastinating people like you. Get out of your house next year and get your own stuff.

to fedup Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #766168

Or maybe fedex shouldn't promise what it can't deliver. Literally. You must be a sore *** fedex employee.


Exactly the same issue in NJ. Overnight delivery, status changed to N/A. Belated Christmas gifts.

Port Huron, Michigan, United States #763557

The same thing happened to me except this was an engagement ring for my girlfriend. Its sitting at the location about 3 miles away.

I could have picked it up but now they are closed. I will never use fed ex again. Im beyond furious.

Im being told they will be open tomorrow at 9. I feel sorry for whoever is behind that counter...

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #763556

Same story. Ordered a gift for my kid, tracking info was saying delivery by 8PM until it changed to N/A.

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