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Fed Ex driver says he left package at my house, says he knows it was the right address after I called their number and complained about not getting it here it says delivered. I was home all day and no fed ex driver came here. They may have gone to my neighbors house not sure which one and they took it, I contacted them about it filed a complaint but then I was told due to the driver saying he was sure they told me that I was out of luck and they were not looking into it any further this has happened several times and getting no help from them.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Go back to whoever shipped you the package and file a claim with them. Make them provide proof of delivery.

If they did not require a signature, then it's on them. If they did require a signature and FedEx captured it, they will have an electronic record of it and show that on the Proof of Delivery. If it is your name but not your signature, you again have a valid claim. If the signature is not yours then the driver should have noted who it was that signed for it.

Do you have dogs?

Do you have a gate? Do you have a sign saying 'Keep Out' or "No Trespassing'?

You need to file a claim with the shipper, and the shipper will file a claim with FedEx. If you paid by credit card, your last resort will be to file a dispute with them.


If someone else is taking my stuff its normal to ask which house he delivered it to...I was nice but this keeps happening. I have never spoken to the driver myself just inquired where it went to as it was not received here.

I have had many packages show up here but when a driver says they came by and didn't I would like to know where it went. I think it was mistakenly sent to my neighbors house but I am not sure hence the inquiry and no it has not been shipped back.

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Did it get returned to the sort facility? Was a signature required? Think you have pissed your FEDEX driver off.....bad thing to do....just sayin

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