I paid A LOT of money to have a package overnighted (do this a lot) and it was for June 30th delivery by 10AM!! It is now the 1st (6pm) and its 2 days late!!

I have called so many times and with NOOOOO help its always excuses that they cant help me. They cant refund my money, they cant get the package on another flight!! The "weather conditions" disrupted their shipments!! Ok, its been 2 more days!

Its not a snow storm, a hurricane or even a tornado that messed the hub up so whats the problem? I am SICK of this! My animal WILL DIE if it doesnt get on a plane! I understand weather for the night but 2 days?!

I have read other reviews about packages, letters, etc (which I feel yall's pain)...but this is a LIVE animal. I am so upset I can barely type this but I want EVERYONE that reads this to know they SUCK!!!

FedEx, you need a rerouting clause. Esp for LIVE animals.

Reason of review: I wish I could check them all!.

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