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every time i order live crickets the box comes broken and half of them are gone, then they put the box in a plastic bag and that kills the crickets, ***.anyone know putting something live in a plastic bag will kill them we pay almost as much for the shipping as we do for the crickets . i want them to take more care when shipping things.

they should have to pay the cricket store back for all the dead crickets. and now i have to call the place and have them send more, because fed ex is so ***.

Monetary Loss: $97.

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It is impossible for the crickets to die from lack of oxygen in a the large plastic bags that fedex uses. You are an ***.

And if the box arrived damaged, you did not have to accept it. Also, the reason it was damaged was due to improper packaging.

I see it all the time. People think by putting something in a little, thin, cardboard box that it's going to survive 3000 miles of *** on wheels and distribution centers that are forced to sort millions of boxes per day.

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