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Worst company ever!

I have like a lot of people relied on online shopping for the last year. In that time I have had over 30 items delivered to me. Those going through the Usps or UPS seem to arrive on time and in tact. Not FEDEX!! Everything delivered from them with me paying or requesting a signature has been “left at front door” I’ve asked so many times not to leave it without a signature but they pay no attention.

One package was a large package the day it came it was raining the driver backed up the truck then I see the opening of the back door. He proceeds to kick the big box out of the truck onto the concrete of my driveway close the door and drive off. I guess he didn’t feel like getting wet. Being in a wheelchair I couldn’t go get the box and by the time I got someone to help the box was totally saturated and the merchandise was destroyed!

When I contact fedex I am told to search ask neighbors etc I do come back and give the complaint again. Only to get back each time it’s not their fault the package was scanned and left on the porch! For all I know the driver scans them and sells them to his friends and relatives because I’m not getting them. U would think after dozens of complaints they would look into the driver! I’m out thousands of dollars having to buy items twice and fedexs word is the gospel. I’ve even had police reports made of the item missing last person to have it is the fedex driver. I’ve tried to talk with the driver (even before the pandemic) he ignores you, he drives like a bat out of *** with NO REGARD for our rural neighborhood with small children out playing. Many people in this rural community have reported his driving including the Usps driver that has had many close calls due too his disregard for anyone or anything. What does it take to have someone take care of items u spend hard earned money to buy!!? I’ve lost computers, cell phone (I’m still paying for the one he probably is using or sold) google hubs thousands of dollars I’ve had to pay for because he said he delivered itand that he got a signature !! I asked to see the signature to prove it wasn’t me it was signed “see line 19” no one could explain to me what that meant but it was accepted by fedex as my signature!

How can that be accepted? When I’ve never been face to face with this driver. I’m exhausted trying to track my packages myself, only to never get what I pay for twice! Since the last two last month the $1300. Cell phone and the expensive tablet I’d say I’m out 2google hubs $300 each Alexa shows roughly 6 google and 6 alexia, a ring flood light camera, simple save alarm system, a total of 14 security cameras to install around my acreage and home, a few other odds and ends all of which were “left at the door” according to the driver, but never received! Tho when asked to describe where by the door he left it he couldn’t say and one time he said he left it in the garage yet I don’t have a garage, when asked to let me know which house he had no answer. Why after such a pattern are they still taking his word for it! I also know for a fact I’m not the only one out in my area. We have a neighborhood Facebook page and almost daily someone is asking if someone got a package because FEDEX says it was delivered but their item hasn’t gotten to them.another reason I suspect the driver because we have a network of people helping each other Looking out for each other yet our packages are still missing and only the packages delivered from FEDEX! Christmas- birthday anniversary presents/gifts, and all of the items I bought so my family could all chat together and see each other during this lockdown all missing, showing delivered and left at door only to still be missing and after 3 days FEDEX closing the case because their driver has spoken!! IVE contacted FEDEX with in mind of getting the “item has been delivered notice” to be telling them the man must still be in the area have him come back and talk to me so I can find my items. They tell me to call back in 3 days if I look everywhere and it’s still doesn’t show up! How is it going to show up if the driver has it.? I’ve had the truck come in my driveway go to check the porch to find nothing that has happened to other in my neighborhood Facebook group. We theory it’s because he probably has a gps chip that would show if he didn’t go to the address. I’d say he’s been doing this awhile and after all of the claims in just my small area I can’t see why FEDEX hasn’t investigated him. But they have no liability for the lost items. So why would they care if the people Don’t get the items. Perhaps FEDEX is staying afloat not delivering items and claiming the loss on their end and not passing it to the consumer. The merchandise is going somewhere besides where it’s suppose to be being delivered!

And all and only the items delivered from FEDEX!!! I will no longer order a product if it is only delivered by fedex!! The company does not help u, they do not see a Pattern of thrift from the driver or at least negligence. Yet all of these items I’ve had to pay for that I never got!! Please do not use FEDEX!! They do nothing to help u find ur items or do they care.. I’m out thousands and no one was help accountable! I have had to pay for air and that’s not fair. What can be done??? It’s their word gospel mine nothing.

I wish I could rate them with negotiate stars.

I do know that the Usps has threatened to drop their contract with FEDEX because of items not being delivered and the Usps having to be liable for their negligence.

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE FEDEX EVER!!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: There’s been so many I want my items of course or refunds.

FedEx Cons: Horrible service, Very rude and uncaring about the client not getting their item, No explanation for not getting a signature, Not getting any resolution when item goes missing, Show delivered yet no package at door or in ur hand.

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