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Since the beginning when I set up my business account at FedEx.com there has been nothing but problems. I have been in customer service with forward facing contact with both customers face-to-face and over the phone.

I have worked for a fortune 500 company that has millions of customers and I have worked on multiple systems and websites. I have never seen such a poorly designed website for setting up an account, creating a bill of lading-which, by the way doesn't break down the individual charges associated with shipping a freight item-, and trying to find out the status of your shipment. I specifically chose FedEx freight economy on the website when creating my bill of lading and requested a specific time-frame for pickup, because I knew I wouldn't be present at an earlier time-frame. The day of the pick up, I come home to a message on my answering machine that a driver had come by two and a half ours before the time-frame I had set up so I would have to reschedule.

I called and set up the pickup the next day and I asked the representative why the driver came out so early and she proceeded to tell me that "That's when the driver is in that area", I then asked her then why do they offer different time-frames on the FedEx.com website for a customer to set up pickup, of which she replied she didn't know only that she was told by the driver the time he came out was the time that FedEx runs in that area. So I went ahead and scheduled a new time-frame for the next day. The driver did arrive during time-frame but proceeds to tell me that he can't pick up the item because he is FedEx ground, not freight. So I ask him, why are they sending you out instead of FedEx freight, which he doesn't know.

He does inform me that the previous driver was also FedEx ground and then I again ask why would FedEx send out ground instead of FedEx freight when I specifically chose FedEx freight economy on the FedEx.com website, and by the way, was clearly shown on my bill of lading that I had printed from the website. Again, driver doesn't know. The item finally gets picked up by a FedEx freight economy driver, bill of lading #******5715 and the shipment conveniently gets lost. During the time I have had to deal with this poor service with representatives with FedEx freight, the dispatch center, and regular customer service I was either hung up on, incorrectly transferred or given wrong information no less than 8 times.

Now remember, I have been in forward facing customer service for several years and have had my own business for several years and I have never seen such customer mistreats in my career. I never got irate, used inappropriate language, and was polite to everyone I spoke to within the FedEx company or FedEx company entities. One particular gentleman from dispatch, Alex, hung up on me twice which I could tell they were intentional disconnects. I had to call back a third time in which I asked for his supervisor and was informed the supervisors were in a meeting, so I politely asked for that supervisor's lead, and was informed that they had gone home for the day.

I am actually ashamed to be a stockholder with a company like FedEx and as a stakeholder I will never use FedEx again and never recommend them to other business owners.

Like I said, it was my worst experience dealing with any company I have ever had as a customer. Further, with the company I work for, if someone were to hang up on a customer that would be grounds for disciplinary action up to termination.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Half-assed apology, Unexplained website errors, Very poor customer service, No accountability, Loss of the item i was shipping.

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