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I ordered a futon mattress on Amazon, with 2-day shipping. Ordered on a Wednesday, on Friday, a giant rug was left on my doorstep.

I have never ordered a rug, FedEx had left the wrong product on my door. I called Amazon, who confirmed they shipped a futon mattress, and graciously offered to ship out a replacement for free. Amazon shipped replacement on Saturday, via FedEx 2 day, and I tracked the package to the Memphis hub (the same city I live in) on Sunday. I wait and wait, this one never shows up either.

I called FedEx...first they lied and said my package was delayed due to delayed flights into memphis. When I called them out on this and said it had been sitting in Memphis since Monday, they changed their story and said I would have it the next day. The next day---No package. I called again, this rep told me it was "lost".

Tried to blame me for typing wrong address--then he checked my address and saw it was correct. Next tried to blame Amazon. I have never had a package not show up from Amazon--except these two. Beware if you use FedEx in TN.

Last year 15 FedEx employees were charged with theft during the holiday season, and it seems they are at it again!!!! FedEx will not confirm this, but you can verify online, was covered by plenty of news stations.

They will steal your merchandise if they think it's valuable. I agree with the other complaint that they need to do background checks in their employees--I guess it's time to check e-bay to see how much they are selling my two "lost" mattresses for!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #762106

I made a complaint to fedex about a a delivery exception. Got a complaint number and got a call this morning about my packages..

They say they will re attempt today at 4 or 5 pm.. We will see!

South Bend, Indiana, United States #752103

You're a *** if you think that a FedEx employee will make it out of the hub with a stolen mattress, HAHA.

to Anonymous #752394

The mattress actually comes in a compressed form, then expands once opened, so anything is possible....

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