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Had a package scheduled for delivery at my home Dec.24. Received delivery notice that package had been delivered at 9 am.

Upon arriving home at 3 pm. could not find package and called fedex. Got treated like an ***! Are you sure it's not there?

Did you look under the porch? (Don't have a porch) behind bushes? Back door? Yes, yes and yes, before I bothered to call.

Maybe someone took it? I live 800 feet off the road and have a security/surveillance system. YOUR DRIVER NEVER CAME. Well the driver will come out the day AFTER Xmas to show you where they put it.

No show.Another day goes by so I call them and have to go thru the whole story again with promise of follow up and return call. No call again, so after 3 days call them and explain whole story to next ***. Will check into it and call you. Ya right.

Local fedex calls 2 days later and ask if it showed up yet???? No! Will contact driver and call me back tomorrow. No call.

Next day I call local and tell whole story again with PROMISE to call me tomorrow. No call. Next day 800 fedex calls and ask if it showed up yet! What do you think it is a lost puppy that will find its way home??

Well then they decide it is gone forever and to contact the merchant to file.a claim since I can't. Takes a week for that process and just shy of 3 weeks later I get a refund.

MERRY XMAS! In summary I will NEVER buy a product that will be shipped fedex...signed Fedup

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