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I paid $46.99 For next day delivery for a $309 Catalytic converter from RockAuto who Ill also be reviewing in a moment. Everything was fine as I ordered it Tuesday, it shipped Wednesday and was set to arrive by Thursday 3pm.

They tell me a mechanical problem in Indianapolis (I live in Texas) has caused it to arrive Friday 3pm. I have a pregnant wife and father in the hospital with covid. I needed this part Friday morning 8am to put it in as a mechanic was doing me a favor by helping me save money, and just in time to make it to our new home in Colorado where our keys are waiting no later than Saturday. I mention this because time and money are so very precious to me.

Because of this delay I lose my deposit lose my home, cant pay my fathers bill and missed our ultrasound where they reveal the babys sex. We already missed our first because of an issue with Allstate who Ill also review, they overdrawn my account because of an underwriter mistake...(I feel cursed)...I digress. FedEx tells me theyll do everything to get my package Thursday night then call back and say they cant and to expect it Friday 3pm. This is the 3rd time I called and FedEx CSR Lorraine was so rude and callous.

I called back and FedEx CSR Javier Tells me not to worry and to pickup my shipment at the location 5200 W Greens Rd In Houston. They open at 8:30am, I told him Id Uber there if I had to and Id make it. I spent the money on the Uber, but only after confirming that the package would be there at this point I lost all faith in FedEx and can not trust anything they say, sure enough I get there dragging my 7mos pregnant wife and having spent $35.95 On an Uber there to find its not there and according to them out for delivery. I cant believe it.

I call customer service again and talk to manager Jonathan location ID: SALRC, who tells me RockAuto has a legal policy that says Im not allowed to pickup my shipment without prior authorization. I contact RockAuto and they tell me theres no such policy and my shipment is there for pickup. When I go to look at my package online hoping it would simply arrive at its destination however late and waste of money Ive gone through ...its says DELIVERED. I go to the shipping address and theres no sign of the package...ITS LOST.

FEDEX jerked me around for days and wasted my time and money and hasnt even kept their commitment to delivering their package. They cant get away with this its an outrage and to boot they shift the blame to RockAuto who at least refunded me $9 but now Ill need my entire refund because not only have in or received my shipment Ive lost so much more due to FedEx I need every penny I can get just to salvage my life all because of FedEx doesnt give a crap about its customers.

Wrong info every time I call and from a manager no less flat out lies no ownership of the terrible failure to keep their commitment. Ive never been so pissed in my life, the money back doesnt even fix my issue but its a start!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Next Day Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $385.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

FedEx Pros: No pros at all.

FedEx Cons: Just poor arrogant service, Ground delivery policies.

Location: 7200 Northwest 19th Street, Miami, FL 33126

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Fedex is the worst, they pulled the same crap with me. Told me to pick my package up at hub.

I get there, they say package was delivered and signed for by me. WTF. Ebay says package delivered, no refund!

Im out $350.00 bucks. Never again fedex.