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I have been waiting for Fedex Smartpost to deliver my package to the post office for final delivery since February 20th. It has not moved since the tracking indicated it had left the Fedex facility early on February 20th.

There has been no movement since then. Fedex has been giving me the run around since then. They are the most inept company I have ever seen.

I contacted them to do a trace on the package and I was told it would take 24 - 48 hours to research. I contacted them today to get a status and now they are telling me 72 hours.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Mind sharing how much you paid for shipping? Shipping is very expensive, it's expensive for you, and it's expensive for stores, in an effort to try to offer free shipping or drastically reduced shipping, carriers and stores have tried to get creative.

Their system is unfortunately for you and many other customers working how it was designed I'm afraid. The shipment goes to a warehouse holding facility until enough other packages are there for them to be cost effectively put on a truck and delivered to the post office. Sometimes it's the same day, sometimes it's a while. Sure post through UPS is similar but they deliver it to the post office directly on their routes rather than a middle man, but there are still similar issues.

for the retailer they lose all insurance, if the package is lost by fedex, or the post office, your not out, and neither is fedex or usps, the store is. Ultimately it's the stores "fault, kinda" for choosing smart post, knowing this would happen, but they are playing the numbers. They can offer free or really cheap shipping and stay in business using any means necessary which smart post is the cheapest, or don't offer any free option, and have a FANTASTIC! shipping policy!

That nobody uses because the can't give it away for free so they can brag about their awesome shipping during their going out of biz sale. ....

The one thing angry customers don't ever seem to get, is that NO ONE wants you to be unhappy, FedEx doesn't want you unhappy and I can guarantee whoever sold you your product and took your money REALLY doesn't want you to be unhappy. It's not personal and they are working to get it resolved.

Just trying to put it into perspective if you don't deal with stuff on the daily.

BTW I found this post cuz I'm researching switching our shipments from UPS sure post to FEDEX Smart post.... I do appreciate the insight, was hoping this kind of stuff had improved in the last few years...

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