On Friday the 27th of June I placed an order with ModCloth.com for a wedding dress. It was due to arrive on Wednesday, the 2nd of July.

Wednesday came and went, but no dress showed up. I checked the tracking information at around 4pm and it said it had been out for delivery since 7 am. After 7pm I checked it again and it said that the package was delivered to my garage at 4:22 pm. I went outside and looked around the garage to find nothing.

I asked my aunt and uncle, whom I live with, if they had seen or heard anything, as they work from home and were still working when the package supposedly arrived. They had not seen or heard anything, and I'm sure their dogs would have barked if a stranger would have come to the garage. The first weird thing about this whole situation is that the garage is right next to the front door. So why would the package be delivered to the garage?

I called FedEx the following morning and explained to them that they had obviously delivered the package to the wrong house (it has happened before). They took down the address where I thought it could have been delivered instead and told me they would find the package and delivered it later that day. They also called me back an hour later and asked me to describe the house and assured me they would call me if they had any further issues delivering the package. Again, someone was home all day and nothing arrived.

Friday was the 4th of July so it obviously would not have arrived on this day, but I know that they do deliver on Saturday and that day also came and went without a package or a phone call. It is now Sunday. I chatted with the company I bought the dress from just this morning and explained my situation. They are sending me a new dress tomorrow with overnight shipping and NOT USING FEDEX.

Obviously they have issues with FedEx all the time if they were willing to send me a new dress that easily within the span of less than a week since the package was supposed to be delivered!!!! If I can help it, I am NEVER shipping or receiving from FedEx again.

This is absolute ***. I could have had to spend another few hundred dollars to buy a completely new dress if ModCloth had not been so awesome.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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