Fed Ex has lost 1 of 2 items sent to me from truckaddons.com. Shipped on 4/06/11.

Recieved part of shipment 4/13/11. Other part missing at Sacromento hub. since 4/12/11. Fed ex will not replace other item.

This makes first package useless. This complaint will go to face book and any other social network i can find if this is not resovlved soon. I am out $700.00. Both seller and manufacturer say it's up to fed ex to replace item.

This fiasco has ruined a well planed fishing trip.In Sacroment it seems that nobody can find a 3 inch by 8 ft, box. I am not sure anyone even cares.

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Bought Merchandise through eBay.

Few days later checked the shipping status which said the package was delivered at my mail room and signed , only that the person who signed for it was a name that did not exist. And FedEx denied responsibility.

I smell a scam here.

If anybody else has gone through this with FedEx i think there is ground for foul play. fed-ex must be held responsible.


I agree with the scam part fully. I ordered a wiffle ball bat on may 9th.

It was suppose to come in may 16th but it got damaged. I went over to fedex ground on may 17th and came to find out that the bat was missing.

Fedex says they have an empty box. Somewhere between the trucker taking it across the us and when it hit the warehouse someone took it out of the box.


Found your post as I also received a package 4/13/2011 from a different company shipped via FedEx. All items except the first one listed on the original tracking slip were missing.

I feel strongly that FedEx has a bad seed of an employee running a scam.

Luckily, my items were not high dollar. Good luck to you in your search.

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