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I sent a package containing tax information via Fedex (so it would be traceable, or so I thought).

Fedex lost the package inside their own distribution facility.

It vanished "without a trace".

I spoke with several people in the "trace department".

One told me: We're really not setup to handle letters (my package went in a Fedex letter envelope), we really handle packages. Sometimes a letter can get caught in a conveyor and be torn into a million pieces.

If that's the case, Fedex should stick to packages and get out of the "letter" business immediately! If they can't or won't make the investment to do the job right, they should stop taking people's money!

Days later, I got a call saying that all attempts to locate my package had failed, and I should resend it. Well, I already did, and I didn't use Fedex!

I will never ship via Fedex again.

From now on I'll just send my documents via the USPS.

I see no reason to pay around ten times the first class rate for a tracking system that doesn't work.

Now the package is listed as "damaged". It guess that's Fedex CYA speak for "we can't find it but we have to account for it somehow".

Also, don't count on Fedex to catch their own mistakes. I sent the package on March 2nd. It should have arrived (according to Fedex) on March 3rd. I checked it on March 6th. It hadn't been delivered (of course) but no "alarm bells" had gone off at Fedex indicating the package was long overdue. If I hadn't checked myself, Fedex wouldn't have even looked for it!

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My accountant tells me that the original Fedex envelope had been torn open and it appeared that the entire package had been lying in a mud puddle for some time.

The tax papers inside were damaged, soggy, and very dirty.

Nice job Fedex!

Harviell, Missouri, United States #124448

Now a day later, the package is suddenly delivered (damaged).

This is after I was told it was lost and all attempts to locate it had failed. I guess Fedex doesn't know what's going on inside its own distribution system. Scary!

Nevermind the fact that it took 14 days to be delivered when it should have taken one, or the fact that I would have missed a tax deadline.

I just can't wait to hear what condition the package was in when it arrived!

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