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Well, I've never had issues with packages being sent to my apartment. If UPS delivers a package to my apartment they are kind enough to put the package on our patio, under our barbecue, or at the office. BUT NOT FEDEX! I paid for overnight shipping and received the email stating it had been delivered and left in front of my door!! I was at work at the time and assumed they would leave it on our patio or at the office like someone with common sense would. Needless to say, my package was not there when I got home.

I contacted customer service and the woman who "helped" me said she couldn't contact the driver to confirm it had actually been delivered and they are not responsible for stolen mail. She said she would call me the next day when the driver would be in. Finally received a call from a different person a couple days later and he told me they still could not get a hold of the driver and were taking my claim over to the security department. I felt like I was finally being helped!! But alas, when I called a couple days later they said they couldn't find my claim and were not responsible for anything.

I lost a great amount of money just because the driver did not have the decency to leave my package in a less open area or maybe he didn't even deliver it to the right apartment! I'll never know because they couldn't find the driver. Customer service was no help at all since they pretty much told me it's my fault because I live in an apartment complex and 'things happen'. We've never had incidents with people stealing packages and I'm an avid online shopper. I get things shipped to me every month. Now I've learned my lesson; don't let FedEx deliver your mail!

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