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first off...every SINGLE one of the last 5 package delivered by Fedex was dropped off at some trailer in front of our house, one was left on a bed of a truck that belonged to one of those trailers. We have bought ammunition, what if the kids that lived up there got a hold of it?

USUALLY the neighbors will find the packages eventually and call us. this time, Fedex tracking said package was delivered, none of the neighbors know where it is this time. keep in mind weve called fedex EVERY TIME to tell them they delivered the package to the wrong address but was told theres nothing they can due to ensure it wont happen again. multiple times.

they kept saying to check around the house (which obviously wasnt the case) or go look around the trailer park. do you know hat happens when you go looking around another persons property where i live? u get shot. however i called them, as thats where most of our packages go anyways.

our package is now lost and fedex said they would look into it. a week later, we call back, they said they had to go thru the chain of command and were looking into it.

im sure nothing will get done and im out the 300 dollars worth of package. advice for anyone that has to deal with Fedex.....PREY the know where you are located becuase if not, they will leave it at some random address because they dont give a flying *** in space about your packages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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