I bought a dog house online, A DOG HOUSE. The warehouse it shipped from, 15 miles from my house.

If it wasn't only an online store I would have went up and bought it. Somehow between the 15 miles from the warehouse and my house FedEx lost a DOG HOUSE. Literally a huge box, I do not understand it. Now, I have two packages shipping via FedEx to USPS.

Well on the tracking pages there are three exact scan times on both tracking pages saying it departed, info was sent to USPS, and now in transit. Well on one, it says the post office got the package 2 hours after being in transit. The other still says in transit. I called and she told me that they probably weren't on the same truck and the time scans aren't anywhere near accurate.

Soo, first off they are lying to all their customers about time scans. Awesome. And second, why on earth would they use separate trucks, waste more gas and money, to send two packages to the exact same post office.

I'm convinced they have lost it and their customer service did nothing but make me more angry.

I will try so hard to never use FedEx again.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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