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On July 2, 2020 I was scheduled to receive several packages from Walmart. I received the email notifying me that my items had been delivered and within minutes I went out to retrieve the items.

To my great disappointment nothing was there. I immediately call customer service to explain the situation and they assured me that they would expedite a trace to find out what happened. After my initial call I received two calls within minutes of each other from two different reps asking for additional information about the details of where I live and to confirm my address. I thought that this meant they were really handling things.

Both told me that the matter would be turned over to "a" local station and that that station would contact me the same day. The second rep ironically tells me to be prepared to call Walmart to report my items lost if need be. I waited several hours to hear back from the local station and I'll just say I don't think I will be receiving that call. I had asked if there was a way to track the carrier done because he or she is where the problem immediately lies.

I was told no but I don't think that's true and if so this should be changed. Mind you I am calling customer service minutes after my packages where supposedly delivered. So the carrier couldn't be far. I first thought that by my calling so soon that if the carrier misdelivered he or she could more easily retrieve my packages.

I tried to calm myself and trust the process. After getting tired of waiting for the local station to call me I decided to call customer service back. This rep informs me that I need to have Walmart file a complaint with FedEx and that it is basically out of their hands because the packages cannot be found. Packages can't be found after I contacted them immediately after they were "delivered"?Unbelievable!

Customer service reps are trained to give a false sense of hope while basically blowing you off. I waited hours to hear from the local station who never intended to call me as the last rep I spoke with told me that it was already indicated in the system that the packages can't be found. So as I was waiting and trusting the process the first rep probably had already written my packages off as lost as I spoke with her. There was never any real trace.

I would have still been waiting if I didn't call back myself. I asked the rep for the number to this local station because they would have direct contact to the carrier. She tells me she isn't allowed to give me their number. Really?

A local station that I can patronize but I can't have the number to or at least have my call transferred to? This is so unfair. FedEx just doesn't care and wants no accountibility. The carrier should be held responsible.

I believe he or she misdelivered or kept my items. I can have Walmart replace the items but what about the principal. I shop online a lot and many times FedEx is the only shipping option available and due to COVID there is no option for signature requirement. So a carrier can easily indicate that an item has been delivered without actually delivering it.

He doesn't have to get a signature.

FedEx is irresponsible and inconsiderate of it's customers. I will have to stop shopping with companies who do not give other options for shipping.

User's recommendation: Shop where you have shipping options. Make sure you give specific delivery requests. Pay to require signature if available. This option wasn't available to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Compensation for horrible service and stress. Assurance that customer service has contact with carriers about failed deliveries. .

FedEx Pros: Package alerts.

FedEx Cons: Delivery wreckless, Unresposive management, No accountibility for misdeliveries, Makes customer responsible for contacting shipper.

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