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I really wish that I had seen this site before I chose my shipper. The shipper was Federal Express Ground Shipping and the package was insured.

When shipping a very expensive wheelchair, we very, very carefully packed it with styrofoam and newspaper. The wheelchair was shipped in a doublewall corrugated paper container properly sized and then properly packed with shipping materials. When taken to the shipping location, the clerk there looked at what we had done, approved it, and watched us tape the box and place the shipping label. When it arrived at the destination, the chair was damaged in a way that could only indicate that the box had been dropped from some distance sideways causing the chair to have its backrest L-brackets and J-hooks damaged rendering the chair unusable until repaired.

The inspector that was sent made the judgement that the packing was inadequate and then refused the claim.

Now the chair is unusable until I pay for what should be their responsibility and they seem to think I have no further recourse. Perhaps the only recourse I have is to advise any and all--Do Not USE Federal Express for any shipping as they will not honor their commitment to good customer service and will always place the blame on the customer rather than the company.

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