Rensselaer, Indiana

Every time Fed Ex drivers deliver to my house, they simply droff off the packages by my overhead garage door and drive away. They don't ring the doorbell to tell me they've delivered anything.

They leave their Delivery Notices stuck right to the packages!

On 3 occasions now I'm lucky that I haven't backed out of my garage and run over my packages. Yesterday's delivery was boxed furniture. Had it been raining, I would have been extremely upset that my brand new furniture had been left outside in the elements with no notification of delivery.

Today's package was leaning up against the door. Had I not come home and seen it there as I was pulling in, I would have put up my garage door and the package would have fallen to the ground. It had glass items inside that were clearly marked "fragile" on the box.

What an ***! I'm really upset with how lazy my driver is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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