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Package scheduled for "Home Delivery" today, January 15. Have watched the tracking updates closely, as this is an urgent package.

Situated myself literally 5 ft. from the front door, with inside door open with only a full-glass storm door between me and the outside. Check tracking at 8AM - package on schedule. Check tracking at 11:30AM - "delivery exception: customer not available or business closed". This was supposedly at 9:55AM. Umm... no FedEx truck has even been on my road all morning. I can speak from my own watching for this urgent package.

Customer service phone call only slightly helpful. She put in a "request" for a re-attempt today, but cannot guarantee anything. Would not connect me to local office to speak to manager, said I would have to call back if package doesn't show up today. Of course, that puts the call after business hours - so that doesn't help. If it doesn't show up today, they will reattempt Tuesday, January 18... 3 days too late and a major inconvenience.

She also said the option to pick it up at warehouse would not be available until next week.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #795016

I have the same thing happened more than once. It happened again today and I'm furious.

I can see why it's tempting for the driver to lie and finish work early (or avoid working late). FedEx should implement a system to prevent driver from doing things like this.

to Ditto Columbus, Ohio, United States #795021

They do have a system to prevent the driver from doing that, it's called getting fired.


It does happen ~ driver didn't want to go to the physical address or went to the wrong home to stick that status doortag

nowadays, you can call 1800GoFedEx to divert it to a nearest Kinkos, cough, FedEx Office for customer pickup... some locations operate 24 hours

next time, ask the shipper to go w/ UPS or Express for a more reliable service, heck even USPS. since your LOCAL driver is lazy/dumb

Elkville, Illinois, United States #257727

I guess you don't read what you supposedly respond to.

But regardless, I take your post means that you CONDONE lying (regardless of the service).

I dont care if the package was shipped via an old man riding a Wal-Mart handicap scooter.

The point is that the driver LIED. After all was said and done, this driver has pulled this stunt before-skipping delivery attempts that might be "inconvenient" to his getting off work when HE wants.


Hey, *** Idiots, learn to read. The man was speaking about the false delivery report, NOT guaranteed delivery.

FedEx drivers are contractors and in a constant dispute with FedEx about their status.

The drivers intentionally screw up hoping that FedEx corporate will try to discipline them. This will cause a job status change from contractor to employee with all of the associated benefits.


Ever think that maybe the driver went to the wrong place? Couldn't have been so urgent or it would have been express. Loser

Elkville, Illinois, United States #236421

Thanks for hurling insults. It really shows your intellectual integrity and maturity.

All this being said:

I was not given a choice on shipping. The package was specifically being shipped "FedEx" and the delivery date was for today. Period. At one time, you could get packages delivered to residential addresses with the same guarantee as the other. Now FedEx Home Delivery has been consolidated with FedEx Ground.

And the complaint was less about the possible "lateness" of the package, and more about the bold-face LIE told by the driver who claimed to have made a delivery attempt, when no such attempt was made. All of the evidence proves that he didn't even drive down my road.


*** battman.....ground service (like fedex home delivery) isn't guaranteed. If it's so important quit being a cheap *** and upgrade shipping to a guaranteed service.

to ***s #1151128

***Idiots*** what happens after paying extra for guaranteed service and they don't deliver. It has happened. FedEx is horrible.

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