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Having had very disappointing experiences with other shippers in the past and having had a very good experience with Fed Ex International Shipping last year, I decided to send some 'one-of-a-kind' vintage gifts to family. They have frequent Fed Ex deliveries to their farm and for over a decade hadn't experienced any problems.

They've described their regular Fed Ex drivers as friendly and helpful; drivers would always go in the truck up the road to the house to put packages by the door. Not so with the latest botched delivery! The packages were were just put over the fence alongside the County road by the cattle pen and did that past 9 o'clock at night!

The family only found traces of of the busted packages early the next morning! Did the boxes burst open when they were tossed over the fence?

Who knows? Sometime during the night something or someone (most likely an animal) tore the boxes apart and destroyed them! When the family first saw the strewn bits of the the boxes, they thought someone had dumped garbage on the edge of the property! What on Earth was that driver thinking?

Did they even bother to think? People who live on farms will tell you that you don't ever leave boxes out in the open by a road where animals can get to them!

Maybe the driver was feeling tired, overworked, under pressure to complete his deliveries with the Christmas rush. I can empathize. But abandoning a box by the road-side?

Thinking that just chucking it over the fence is 'good enough?' NO WAY! Maybe the driver didn't give a crud because he or she figures that if something gets broken, the customers can complain and the shipper--typically some big business-- will just replace it. Not so! The items were mostly irreplaceable!

I felt really sad that the family didn't receive their Christmas gifts because someone botched the delivery, so I did a web search to see whether I could try to replace some of the gifts. Never mind the fact that even if I could find acceptable replacements that there would likely be no way to get replacements mailed in enough time before Christmas. Some were of the items were just not to be found -- not on Etsy, not on E-bay--truly one-of-a-kind with no identical replacements for purchase!

Vintage family treasures treated like yesterday's garbage by some ignorant Fed Ex driver. Oh, boys and girls...

the fun and games with Fed-Ex gets 'better!' Problems with the online claims form and waiting on hold for almost an hour to talk to a representative. Finally gave up at the 55-minute mark and hung up.

Looks like FedEx bit off more than they could chew this holiday season. Thank you, FedEx for 'making the holidays BLIGHT!

User's recommendation: Try an alternate shipping method until FedEx gets their act together!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Home Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $237.

Preferred solution: Full resititution including paid insurance claim plus refund of shipping cost .

FedEx Pros: Used to offer high quality international service.

FedEx Cons: Nearly nonexistant customer service.

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