Applies to FedEx World Service Center in the Bronx, NY: Avoid at all costs. This place should be shut down (as well as FedEx itself). It's a perfect example of how little fedex cares for its customers.

We walked out here in the snow to this facility, which most people from Manhattan who aren't home between 9am and 5pm to sign for a package are forced to do. I checked online before leaving home and the posted opening time for Saturday was 9am--no weather advisories or late openings were mentioned.

On arriving at 9:30am we were told by the building security guard that they would open at Noon. He did not even invite us in but left us outside where it was 20 degrees. While my wife and I were waiting, to more people showed up and waited with us in the cold.

I called the FedEx 800 number and they didn't know anything except that the facility should open at 9am. They offered to call the branch and did, but received no answer. While four customers were waiting in the cold multiple FedEx employees showed up and walked in without acknowledging us.

After staying on the line with corporate for over 30 minutes I managed to get them to put me on the line with the branch manager. The call was abysmal:

me: Where are you, inside?

F. Martinez, Branch manager: I'm in New Jersey.

me: What? Why, the website and DOOR say you open at 9am?

F. Maritnez: we open at noon today.

me: Did you try to communicate that to to the outside world in any way? You have customers who showed up at the posted opening time who are watching employees walk in and are being told they can't be let in to get their packages.

F. Martinez: we open at noon.

We ended up having to walk away, kill two hours in the bronx, and come back. Not even the guard at the security gate had been told they were closed--WE HAD TO TELL HIM. He had been waving people through telling them they were open.

Fedex has stopped caring about its customers and nothing shows that better than this branch. Take your business somewhere else. Avoid at all costs.

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