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As a large Fed Ex customer, I have the privilege of speaking with Fed Ex's customer service team regularly. While 80% of their CS team is lacking in every way, MARY BETH is the worst of the lot.

If you happen to be connected to her, hang up the phone or ask for someone else. She'll most likely transfer your call anyways, any questions on your part will be answered with UTTER RUDENESS, and the worst condescending tone I have ever witnessed in my 20 years in the transportation industry. I'm sorry, your company lost my package or failed on service, I'm ALLOWED to ask you a question or two about it as I also have customers to appease.


Monetary Loss: $46850.

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SHE IS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how fitting I came here to complain about her and then find this.
Mary Beth is a Beyotch! :eek

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