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Fedex double trailer was merging from the left into my lane of traffic on I-83 S in Harrisburg, PA. It is pretty tight, but I kept a constant speed as you are supposed to in a merging situation so as to let mergers assess whether or not to merge ahead or behind you.

The lane to my right was not open as there was heavy traffic. Truck ended up merging in behind me and turning on his glaring high beams for a prolonged period of time.

As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I got into the right hand lane, allowed to the truck to pass and recorded the truck number - 806256.

It was completely unecessary for the truck to turn on high beams when I did nothing wrong; in fact, I did everything by the book.

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to service support...I should say the same thing to you taking the time to read & reply to the post


:cry :cry :cry get a life :cry :cry :cry

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