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Update by user Nov 27, 2011

I\'ve been asked by email from PC to add any new information to this post, so here it is: I\'ve been advised from a decent source that Mr. Brown was terminated.

I don\'t know for sure if this is true, but I sure hope so.

That guy was a horrible example of humanity, and has no place in customer service.

Fedex is still being difficult, which is one of three reasons why I say UPS is better!

Original review posted by user Oct 27, 2011

There's a guy named Michael Brown, who is a Manager at the Fedex Consumer Advocate Team, Atlanta. After a very rude and disrespectful conversation with him, he decided to send my package back to the shipper, lying all the while to fedex, and to verizon.

When I called back today to check on my package, fedex says it was returned at the senders request (verizon). When I called verizon to check on this, they said they were told (by fedex) that the package was refused by the receiver (me). Both of these are lies.

I filed complaint #1026656261 against him, and I aim to see him fired.

A person of his nature should not have human contact at all, and should DEFINITELY not be allowed to represent any company as a manager, or anything else.

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