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Had a standard overnight package delivered to the wrong address by the Fedex driver.Realizing it was getting late I checked the tracking # and thats when I found out about thier error.

Found out the address that it was delievred to and had one of my workers go there and get it.

Had a supposed Supervisor call me back and besides having to retrevie the package myself, I have to spend who knows how many hours on the phone to get the expensive overnight shipping back.Absolutley horrible service, I know I can be a PITA but they were completley in the wrong and admitted to it but will do no more.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #851032

I ordered 4 cell phones from AT&T, which they shipped overnight.I tracked the package all day, and I received an email informing me the package had been delivered.

I look outside and all over, even checked the neighbors, nada. I went back and called both companies. FedEx said the driver delivered it "in the foyer, behind the green garbage can." I have neither!!! I told them that; they never sent the driver to recheck, nor did ANY manager call me.

After filing a police report and doing other ridiculous things because through no fault of my own my package was "misdelivered," FedEx says the driver "CANNOT RECALL" where he left it!! WHAT?! That is the most insipid excuse I have ever heard. I get that they deliver tons of packages, but even my husband (who works for UPS) said this has never happened to him.

Today I finally got them to ship the phones back out, and not one person on either side has apologized for this.I will never ship via FedEx again if I can help it.

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