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We came home on Saturday, December 14th, to find a package on our porch from FedEx that wasn't for us. It wasn't mislabeled, just completely misdelivered (not a neighbor).

I immediately called FedEx and they asked me to hold onto the package for them and then place it on the porch Monday morning. I followed their instructions and by Wednesday night, it was still on my porch. I brought it in because of the weather and emailed them. Now it's Friday and they still haven't picked up the package or answered the email.

I called them this morning (6 times- their automated menu must have been down because it kept hanging up). On the 6th try (after being on hold a long time) I was finally able to get ahold of a person who said she would try to reschedule a pickup, but if they couldn't, she wanted me (yes, you read that correctly) to bring it to my closest FedEx. She even offered to give me a list of the closest FedEx branches (how convenient).

I told her that it was their problem and they needed to fix it. I've already put way too much time into this without even a thank you, just a demand.

All I want is for this family to get their package before Christmas. Can a company care so little about their customers?

I'm not even a customer (and won't ever be after this) and they wouldn't answer my email or come pick up their package. What a company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

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Starkville, Mississippi, United States #761886

WOW that is so *** sad.

I have a package that I paid to have delivered today and they said they attempted to deliver it and my business was closed. It is 8:31 and I am still open. I freaking hate Fed Ex.

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