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within two months had several packages delivered to the wrong address, I live on LANE and fedex delivered to AVENUE, the first package required a signature, check computer and it indicated a 1st attempt ???, garage door open cars in driveway, no notice on door, figured he went to the wrong house, called 'customer service' said the driver left notice, I tried to explain to no satisfaction, checked again later that afternoon, what a second notice, called and finally reach the manager at the local warehouse in East Greenbush NY, said they had the package and they would send it out again the next day, I said that I would drive to them and physcally pickup the package. But, this time no signature was required so the driver just left it, called fedex and they where going to pickup the television and call, never got the call, fedex didn't see the TV which they left outside and no one was home.

A missing TV, fire the driver if he can't read.

Will drive to the location tomorrow and see if it still at the wrong address, looks like a claim will be generated if not found.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Albany, New York, United States #757640

After making the initial complaint regarding FedEx misdelivery of my 40 inch TV did receive numerous call apologizing for the error, the company made also made the driver personally call me feeling sorry that this happened. Mistake will be made especially when corporation don't really care because of the low percentage of errors that they can live with, will go back to the USPS seems like the union workers have a little more pride in their work.


Today I was suppose to have a pacakaged delivered by FEDEX. I waited ad waited and that evening I tracked it and they said it was delivered at my address.

FEDEX never came anywhere near here today! Oviously they delivered it to the wrong address and said it was delivered here. I called FEDEX twice, and they said they would investigate and call me. They never called, but I probably hav't gave them enough time to find the package.

I have never had this problem with my packages, but I know they make mistakes because the wrong package was delivered to me from them a few years ago, before I could call FEDEX, the man was back at my door to regain the package. It is to bad that, it didn't happen like that for me. The package is much needed pants for my son to wear to shcool. I had to scrape up the money to get him these much needed pants.

The ones he is wearing have been too little for him. So needless to say, I am very anygry!

I will not let it go until my package is returned to me! I have had the worst luck with customer service for the last few months, what is going on with people!?

to Methiepie Usak, Usak, Turkey #742172
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