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Ok so I would like to know what I should do about this. On 8/26/14 I received a package from fedex that should have gone to another address.

I called customer service and told them "that night" and told them the problem, tracking number, and my address where the package was. I was told that they would pick it up the next day. Nothing. I called again and gave the same information.

I was told that someone would be by 8/29/14 to pick it up. Nothing. I emailed fedex so I would have proof from my end of what was happening. I was asked for my name, address, and phone.

I gave them the address where the package was and the tracking number. "As this was and is all they need to come pick up their mistake.) I also told them that I had called twice about this.

I got a email back asking again for my name, address, and phone. Who do I need to complain to, to have this package picked up and delivered to the correct person?

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Do you have any local facilities by you? Maybe I could help.

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