I called in because I would not be available for the delivery of the package being sent to my house. The first representative gave me what I thought to be good information, saying it would be 5 dollars to change the address or I could go online and leave notes of when I would be available.

Well I had troubles with logging into the online functions and had to call back in to and decided I would just change the address for the 5 dollars. Well the next guy told me that I can't change the address, but I would have to contact the business which sent to package to change the shipping date. That was just the first thing that erked me. Once he heard me saying I was not able to log on, he did not even wait to tell me he was transfering me to Tech support.

Luckily the lady in tech support tried her best, but again informed me that it would actually be 12 dollars to change the address.

Well I have now accepted defeat and will be having FEDEX hold my package at their closest ground facility which is 1 hour away, saying that it can't be held at the FedEX Air that is just down the road from my house. Not to mention that when I called back to verify that the hold could last a week I was hung up on and then I called one last time and it finally got taken care of.

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