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I had a package sent to me 2nd day air shipping. I live in a building and every day even though someone was home and waiting at the end of the day I would fins a door tag stuck to the outside of my building; and every day when I would see this door tag i would take it up, sign it and stick it to the outside of my apartment door. Anyway, after 3 such days I recieved the notice to go pick it up at the fedex location circled on the door tag.

location: 570 east 108th street

brooklyn , ny 11236

hours of operation (as per the door tag, internet and fedex voice customer service): 8;30am-8;30pm.

I arrived at 8:30 am to a locked gate, the 8:30m sign was scratched off and 9:00 am sticker was placed over it. I dont drive and had a car service. (i intended to get it have him wait and take me to work.)so now i had to pay $50 waiting fee, came 45 min late to work. when if it would have been open at 8;30 i would have been on time and i only would have had to pay $25 for the ride and not the ride and wait fee .. IT COSTED ME $75 TO PICK UP M PACKAGE!!!!!!!!! if i would have known that they didnt open until 9am i would have come on my lunch break at 12pm and not missed work!

Either change the door tags OR OPEN ON TIME!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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