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for once I paid for shipping by Amazon to get it quicker than their free super saver service. I ordered it Friday afternoon; Sunday evening Amazon tracking indicated that it left Phoenix(a 6-hour drive from Albuquerque where I live) but no further tracking until Thursday, when it arrived in New Berlin, WI!

To their credit Amazon refunded the $6.49 shipping I paid, but that doesn't get me the new phone I badly need(another unhappy user of an AT&T phone).

Over 24 hours later the package has now left Wisconsin.

Where to next? Not my first, or worst experience with FedEx

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Same here. My package was sent from Reno last Friday.

It arrived Sacramento 12am saturday. On their tracking website it was scheduled to be delivered in Stockton (45 mins from Sac) on Tuesday. On Tuesday pm the package arrived Kent, Washington! Well what do you know?!

According to Ms. Agent I won't understand it but it is how their packages are routed (Sure feels like she was talking to a dumb customer). In short, she wasn't helpful at all! For 2 days it was in the same facility.

Then guess where my package landed next?! Sacramento...same facilty my package was at on Tuesday! It took them another day to decide where to ship my package next. It left their facilty today and left it with USPS to deliver it to me.

Now tracking shows give USPS another day or two to deliver package. I am hopeful though, glad it is not in the hands of Fedex.

I may not get it tomorrow but I'm sure I'll get it! No moe FEDEX deliveries from me nor will I promote their services!

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