I paid a whole lot extra for Fedex to deliver a very important package to my business on a Saturday and apparently I was the first scheduled delivery on the driver's shift and missed the drop off. What does Fedex say?

Tough ***. They won't reattempt a delivery until Monday. I called to see if they could come back and drop it off since I missed the delivery by less than a half an hour and the driver must still be in the area but Patrick informed me, snide comments and all, that it was MY FAULT that I missed the delivery and I would have to wait until Monday to receive it.

Patrick was very unapologetic about the situation and refused to do anything to appease it; he just constantly verbally wagged his finger at me and then hung up on me.

No wonder UPS has more business.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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LETS see if I have this right.. YOU Know this box is coming on a Sat.

YOU DON'T show up fedex leaves you a tag stating they will deliver on Monday On sat. the driver has at least 60 stops and you want him to stop everything he is doing so that you can get you box..YOU are one ***...THE world revolves WITHOUT YOU>>


Couldn't you *** picked it up later in the day at a fed ex location? Typically that's what you'd think you could do besides being available in the fed ex delivery hours for sat delivery.


Well that's too bad.. you knew it was coming maybe fedex should have woke you up ,make your coffee drive you to your business.

Rich *** who think the world revolves around their precious pampered life's.. ***

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