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Date: September 12, 2013

It is hard to swallow the frustration and lets Fedex to disrupt my family livelihood.

I sent gift of Multivitamin +Ultra-pure DHA with 10 bottles in 5 small boxes and Arthritis Pain Relief cream with two tubs from Fedex in Aurora, IL to ChongQing, China in August 19, 2013. I was hope that my family member/recipient in China receives that package sooner, because I paid more than double freight charge than other shipping carrier. Please see the attached invoice of Fedex in amount of $129.21 plus a box charged for $1.89. According to the tracking No. 801427084112 records in Fedex website (see attachment), this package arrived in destination of ChongQing, China in 8/25/13. But when I called the recipient in China, he said he did not receive that package. I called Fedex International Customer Service about 8-10 times since 8/31/2013 and spoke to several Fedex representatives, named Ruby Jones, Arnita, Joyce Burton, and other Fedex reps. regarding receiving that package. It is not clear why Fedex representatives told me that China GuangZhou Custom holds that package because there is duty and tax fee involved and it needs a “Personal Effects Explain Letter” from recipient to receive that package which normally are not required for that kind packages, please see attachment.

The gift for family and personal use should be exempted from duty and tax, Fedex knows that. But I received China Imported Articles Duty Paid Price List Directory (List) in Chinese language through a Fedex Customer Center in China, even this List does not show any items or similar items like Multivitamin +Ultra-pure DHA and Arthritis Pain Relief cream are subjected for duty and tax and I specifically told Fedex reps. In U. S. about this and shown that List to a Fedex Assistant Manager in 1330 Orchard Road, Aurora of IL. Please see English translated List in attachment. Fedex should have that List in English from China Custom. The employee (#2267246) of Fedex in Aurora of Illinois was not familiar the transportation business, and she required to fill out Fedex Commercial Invoice, this obviously was her mistake, the personal gift is not subjected for duty and tax.

It is unclear why Fedex is singling out bilingual culture person like me for special treatment, humiliation or discrimination? Fedex attempts to disrupt my family livelihood. The Personal Effects Explain Letter (see attachment) is not normally required for other people for receiving the packages but it is required by Fedex for my family member. The meaning of Chinese language in the Personal Effects Explain Letter “??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????” is distorted and it is not consisted with English language of “Because I will not be available at customs site during inspection. Hence,I appoint Fedex employee to assist customs officer with inspection process” of the Personal Effects Explain Letter. The correct meaning of above Chinese language is “Because I am not on the scene, especially authorized Fedex staff to accompany this Customs (China) inspection of goods, there is legal responsibility borne by me. Hope to put customs tax to give passing through Custom ”. If Fedex is not believed above correct translation, please have special expert translating above language in English. This is evidence that Fedex attempts to disrupt, discriminate and humiliate my family member including myself. My family member was not allowed to attend in the inspection but Fedex wants to put them in worse possible situation. Fedex known that above identified items are not subjected for duty and tax but Fedex is required my family member paying the duty and tax. The tracking records from Fedex website for above identified No. is not supporting that China GuangZhou Custom is holding that package, that package arrived ChongQing, China in 8/25/2013, please see the attachment. I sent a letter and called China GuangZhou Custom for clarification of holding that package, but I did not received any response that they are holding that package.

• I strongly request that Fedex advises me if there is any third party or Agent instructing Fedex or participating above activities.

• I strongly request that Fedex ships that package back to one of Fedex local stores without freight charge. The expert and I will examine that package with items. I will pick it up if the items match original items without spoil. Because Fedex created this issue therefore Fedex should be responsible for the cost of examine.

• I strongly request that Fedex pays the cost of $106.31if these Multivitamin +Ultra-pure DHA are spoiled because longer than normal transportation in the high temperature, please see attached cost of transactions under my account I purchased in Vitamin Shop.

• I strongly request for refund of freight charge in the amount of $129.21 that Fedex withdrew from my bank account in 9/4/2013, please see attached copy of Fedex transaction for freight charge.

• I strongly request that Fedex responds this Complaint within a week from date of this Complaint.

Monetary Loss: $255.

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