Today on Friday September 6,2013 I knew I was expecting a package that I ordered from Wal*Mart it was a dresser an a bed frame. Now as far as I am concerned Wal*Mart only ships through FedEx if you are doing their "ship to home" option.

So I didn't have another choice. I heard a knock at the door around 11:40am, I opened the door there was no one there I looked around and there was a big box next to the door and I figured he went down to get the other one. (I live on the 3rd floor of a apartment building) So I stood there holding the door open like an nice person, waiting for him. Here he comes but with another FedEx driver.

I say "Thank You So Much" And this is what I get out of his mouth, In a rude vocie. "We are not a moving company, we only go one man per truck" I replied "Im sorry, Wal*Mart only ships through you guys when you order online" He says, "Yeah, Okay" And THROWS a business card at me for a moving company and walks out without having me sign for the package or anything. Are you serious right now? I am very upset about this and am trying to get this message out there because for two reason, Number one I just moved to this area and he has always been the driver for this area and I always order thing online and I never want to see his face again, and number two because that has to be the worst customer service attitude I've ever experienced in my life!

You work for a delivery company, If you don't want to be burdened with stairs, scary dogs, weird people, big boxes, heavy boxes etc. DONT WORK THERE! I don't know this drivers name or anything but I know they have a way to track what drivers have what route and I need that done and I want something done about this. I don't want that man delivering to my house ever again.

If you don't want to work hard and be challenged everyday then please work somewhere else.

I am trying to contact anyone that can help me get this issue fixed.

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Shippers and movers are two different things

New York, New York, United States #715159

So you wanted them to carry it up three stories for you? And you thought you were being nice by holding the door?

Lol. Their job is to deliver a package.

They don't have to carry it upstairs for you. They didn't have to be rude, but when people are ridiculous with their expectations it's a little more understandable.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #712878

They got the package to the address. What makes you think they are supposed to get it inside for you?

to anonymous Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #713146

I should've known you'd have some bu!!*** response. The point is that she ordered, Walmart uses them for shipping, and they have no need to be outright rude.

Hey FedEx, don't want to deliver large pieces? Then don't freaking deliver for Walmart!!!

You should absolutely call and complain. They also have a Facebook page, post your experience.

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