I will never use FexEx again. Not necessarily for the staff working there, but for the shoddy online system they have to ship a package. I thought it would be easy to ship one 18x18x16 box full of my things home after moving across the country. I made an account online and started the shipping process of creating a shipment online.

Right from the get go the system was horrible. If I filled out something wrong on the shipping page, it highlighted in red and I had to attend to it. The only problem was it set all the other sections of the shipping page (time for pick up, box size, box weight) to the default, and for some reason took the city and province away from my shipping address. Not a problem, filled everything in and double checked before hitting submit so I wouldn't be left with any red areas. I then got a shipping sheet to attach to my package, the only problem was I did not have a printer attached to the computer I was on so I would have to print it later on a different computer. When I called customer service they told me I could not e-mail or save the shipping sheet in any way. After clicking around the website for a while they also told me that I had to be on the shipping sheet page to have access to my receipt, and once I left the page the receipt was gone. They had told me to leave the page BEFORE letting me know I would lose my receipt. What a horrible system. Why can't I e-mail myself the shipping sheet and receipt? Sketchy.

After that I was unable to find an area of the website that told me when my pickup would be. When I called back customer service I was told that my account "wasn't available" so they could not see my information. They also worried me because since they couldn't see my account they believed I didn't have one. Keep in mind I needed my package picked up the next day because I was leaving the province a few hours after pickup, forever. I asked them what to do, I supposedly didn't have an account, and I couldn't create a package shipping page the day of pickup. I got the answer "i'm sorry, there's nothing we can do". I repeatedly got the response "i'm sorry". Do you know how vulnerable I felt when the supposed experts on the phone just gave up? I went to bed angry and very stressed out.

The following day (the day of supposed pickup) I called customer service again, hopefully to get someone else that did not leave feeling so horrible. I received better service in the morning, but again, the woman on the line could not access my account, and therefore could not verify all the information (shipping time, shipping sheet, etc.) that I was seeing on my end of the screen. She also told me that FedEx pickup drivers could not call the individual (me) upon arrival. Um... that is the only way I could let the driver into my building. That is the only way ANYONE could get into my building. The driver was set to pickup between 9am-12pm, I was not waiting in my lobby for 3 hours for him. I was then told that my pickup time was changed to 9am-6pm (though they could not see my account? how does that make sense?). But at the time I just wanted my package out of my hands, and I was not going to wait in my lobby that whole time. I decided at this point to call up a friend and get her to bring my package into a FedEx store. I wasn't going to risk it. But I also inconvenienced her for something that should have been so simple.

Once in the store, there were 3 people in line and one person working. I waited 20 minutes before literally handing her my package and sheet, getting an ok it's good to go with the shipping sheet and walking out. What a waste of my time. I asked the person working at the store about my "non existent" account, and she rudely replied that she had no idea she just takes the package and the shipping page and that's it. It was my responsibility to make sure the package was legit. Not the company that was shipping it. Hmmm...

If you don't read the long winded rant/vent above, please read this last section. All I wanted when I called in the first time for help was someone to walk my through the process, possibly helping me create a new account and entering the details in the shipping page for me. What I got was individuals who didn't care, and basically had no answers for my "non existent account" and information, and left it at that. Something so simple, took me 6 phone calls and 2 days to figure out. What a shoddy online system, and literally at the worst time possible where I was already stressed enough with the move. I will not be using them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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