I decided to purchase my products through ShopRunner who uses Fedex shipping because I wanted to receive them within 2 days. Unfortunately, that was not how things turned out.

I ordered my products on a Wednesday, they were shipped out early on Thursday morning from Jacksonville, FL and I did not receive my order until MONDAY! in Coral Springs which is only a 4 hour drive from Jacksonville. I was highly disappointed that it took 3 whole days for only a 4 hour drive. It was ridiculous that I was not able to pick up my order from Fedex either considering it sat in the warehouse for 2 whole days!!

The Fedex customer service was of no help when I called in only telling me that they could not ship it over the weekend (Saturday!) even though it had been sitting in the Fedex warehouse in Pompano Beach (appox.

15 min from my home in Coral Springs!) since 930am Friday morning! I'll stick with UPS from now on considering they actually stand by what they offer!

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Orlando, Florida, United States #874481

The package shipped on Thursday. Friday it was in transit, that makes one day.

You don't count Saturday or Sunday because you didn't ask for Saturday delivery, and delivery companies INCLUDING UPS work on business days. Business days are Monday thru Friday. So the next business day, which is Monday your package is delivered. Friday and Monday is 2 days.

That's 2 day shipping! Your complaint is invalid.


And you're going to find that UPS is very similar.


Fedex packages arrive at the warehouse in aircraft shipping containers, and that is what they are stored in until loaded on a truck for delivery. Depending on the size of the packages, there are several hundred, maybe even a thousand boxes in a container.

Fedex is a streamlined operation. They don't have idle employees standing around waiting to dig through that many packages to find yours.

Your not in the unique position of wanting to pickup a package early. FedEx doesn't have the personnel to spare to do this for everyone in your position.


As to FedEx not delivering you package on Saturday, it is not your call. ShopRunner paid for the shipping.

It is up to them to upgrade to Saturday delivery because they would have to pay for it. You are their customer and they are FedEx's customer.

FedEx does what their customer pays for. Once again, you are responsible for your own ignorance.


FedEx 2 day shipping is 2 business days, which is Monday thru Friday. Saturday delivery is a premium service that costs more.

FedEx is not responsible for your assumptions. Take some time to educate yourself. It took me about 30 seconds on the ShopRunner website to find an explanation of 2 day shipping. They even have a chart that shows when a package will arrive based on the shipping day.

It clearly shows an order shipped on Thursday will be delivered on Monday. Take responsibility for your own ignorance rather than blaming others.

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